Thursday, June 25, 2015

Project Space Mural 2015 (Day Two)

Aloha Friends!

Day two of mural painting is pau! This is by far the biggest wall I've ever done! I have been working all day so I'm not even sure what the video will look like. All I know is the lighting in here makes some of the most beautiful shadows I have ever seen. I am really looking forward to editing the final project. Onward to day three!


Holoholo, Time-Lapse Mural by Boz Schurr
June 22-26 | Project Space | 156 Front St. NE Salem

Artist Boz Schurr will be working on a short-term, large-scale installation at the 156 Front Street location from June 22-26.


Day Two:

Am I channeling Keith Haring?



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Mahalo for looking!
Boz Schurr

All work is copyright 2015 Boz Schurr. Please do not use without my permission. Mahalo!

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