Sunday, June 14, 2015

"On The Spectrum (Self Portrait)"

Aloha Friends,

I have been going through my old hard drives today, trying to get myself organized before I head off this summer. Since I have been madly using my few days off to update my online avenues clean my house, etc, etc, I realized that I had never gotten around to posting this drawing! I spent so long working on it that when it was finished I just threw it up on my website and then quickly forgot about it! However, after spending a little reflecting on this piece I think it is actually quite pivotal to the art I am working on now, specifically the On the Spectrum series.

Before I started my 26 part print series I had drawn this picture and had originally titled it simply "On the Spectrum." Although all my work has always been very personal I think using my self portrait and literally putting myself on the spectrum of mental health/illness allowed me to become more invested in my research. I am no longer talking about the otherness of mental health, but am right up in there with it. This is the last portrait I've done in a while and hopefully putting it here may lead me back to portraiture, we'll just have to see. Mahalo for looking!

"On the Spectrum (Self Portrait)"
Pencil on Paper
18" x 12"



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Mahalo for looking!
Boz Schurr

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