Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Drawing Preview!

New drawing coming this way soon! Check back for my details later on!

Mahalo for looking!


Friday, January 17, 2014

Hawaiian Days of the Week Print Series!

I have started working on a new print series. I am working on a set of days of the week, in Hawaiian. Since I live in Hawaii and I think Hawaiian is one of the most beautiful spoken languages, I am making several series with the words, the translation and the pronunciation. 

Sunday – Lâpule (lah-poo-lay )
Monday – Pô`akahi (poh ah-kah-hee)
Tuesday – Pô`alua (poh ah-loo-ah)
Wednesday – Pô'akolu (poh ah-ko-loo)
Thursday – Pô`ahâ (poh ah-ha)
Friday – Pô`alima (poh ah-lee-mah)
Saturday – Pô`aono (poh ah-o-no)

I'll be working on the printing starting this weekend so check back soon for updates and to purchase!

Mahalo for looking!

 All work is copyright 2014  Boz Schurr. Please do not use without my permission. Mahalo!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Gallery 114: January 2014 - "Penumbra"

"penumbra" - a partial or imperfect shadow

Juried show featuring:

Alison Eriksen, Boz Schurr, Bradley Butler, Christopher Adam Gray, Colleen Nevins, Dwight Evalt, Fredrick Swan, Guy Boster, Jason Vance Dickason, Junko Yamamoto, Katarzyna Surma, Kelly Williams, Kenneth Saylor, Mary Edwards, Opie Hileman, Rachel Escoe, Rebecca Boraz, Reca Brodie, Sarah Vanderpoel, Spike Palmer, Tamae Frame, Tyler Hasbrouck, Tyler Kimball, and Willa Schneberg.

(My work is the first three drawings on the wall after the show title)

Gallery 114 is located at
1100 NW Glisan
Portland, OR. 97209

phone: 503-243-3356
Gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday, 12pm - 6pm.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Back in Hawaii!


I am back in Hawaii and it feels so good. I am making new digital work that is inspired by the landscape of Hawaii and catching up on all things art. As I get settled back into teaching and swimming I'll be doing my best to update much more often (Last entry was a year ago? Eek!) So check back on some ongoing and upcoming projects!

Mahalo for looking!

All work is copyright 2014  Boz Schurr. Please do not use without my permission. Mahalo!