Friday, January 17, 2014

Hawaiian Days of the Week Print Series!

I have started working on a new print series. I am working on a set of days of the week, in Hawaiian. Since I live in Hawaii and I think Hawaiian is one of the most beautiful spoken languages, I am making several series with the words, the translation and the pronunciation. 

Sunday – Lâpule (lah-poo-lay )
Monday – Pô`akahi (poh ah-kah-hee)
Tuesday – Pô`alua (poh ah-loo-ah)
Wednesday – Pô'akolu (poh ah-ko-loo)
Thursday – Pô`ahâ (poh ah-ha)
Friday – Pô`alima (poh ah-lee-mah)
Saturday – Pô`aono (poh ah-o-no)

I'll be working on the printing starting this weekend so check back soon for updates and to purchase!

Mahalo for looking!

 All work is copyright 2014  Boz Schurr. Please do not use without my permission. Mahalo!

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