Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Project Space Mural 2015 (Day One)

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I am very excited to be once again included in Salem Oregon's Salem Art Association's Annual Juried Project Space. This annual showcase and exhibition allows artists time and space to create proposed artwork in a new environment. My project includes using the large walls to create a time lapse mural and when the painting is done, a video. The wall is pretty darn big this year so I've got a lot of work ahead of me! Onward!

Image from Project Space 2014. Photo Credit SAA
Click HERE to check out images/video from last year!


156 Front St. NE | June 1-September 4
211 Commercial St. NE | July 1-September 4
Open Monday-Friday | 2-6 pm

The Salem Art Association presents Project Space 2015, a dynamic, temporary, contemporary art venue in downtown Salem that offers juried exhibitions by Oregon artists. Additionally, Project Space provides studio space for artists and events that encourage community dialogue about art.
Project Space is designed to bring out the experimental, the creative, the unexpected, the large, the small, the moveable and moving. Project Space is an inclusive forum for artists of varying backgrounds, ethnicities and creative perspectives. This year’s juror was Andrew Myers, an accomplished visual artist and an instructor at Oregon State University.
Our 156 Front St. NE location has been donated by Christine Folz and Leslie Roth, John L. Scott Real Estate. The 211 Commercial St. NE location has been donated by PDQ Investments, LLC.


Holoholo, Time-Lapse Mural by Boz Schurr
June 22-26 | Project Space | 156 Front St. NE Salem

Artist Boz Schurr will be working on a short-term, large-scale installation at the 156 Front Street location from June 22-26.

Holoholo Artist Statement:


The Hawaiian word Holoholo can have several meanings. First,it can mean to walk aimlessly or go for a stroll, allowing your feet to lead you and thus letting your mind be free. It also can mean to go for a ride, to drive aimlessly without a set route, letting the journey be the destination. To holoholo is to be free.

Since moving to Hawaii several years ago I often find myself wandering, no longer a resident of Oregon the state of my birth, but also not fully accepted as a resident of my new state either. I am constantly crossing oceans to find new places and seek a sense of belonging.

Holoholo is also very fitting for how I choose to paint the gallery space. Instead of painting one portrait or one static image I instead paint continuously for several days. I film myself painting and afterwards compress the film into a few short minutes. These moving images allow me to better express my travels, my wanderlust and to fully explore what it means to holoholo. The painting is the journey, not the destination.

Project Space:

The imagery for this mural is influenced by the most recent places I have traveled and specifically the connection to the natural landscape as I experienced it in each place.

For this work I will include Hawaii (where I live, therefore it is always my starting point as long as reside there), Japan, England and Australia. I am including these locations because they represent me as a resident, tourist and artist and are the places I will have traveled to and from in 2015. I will end the mural with Oregon imagery since it will have been, up to that moment, my last travel destination.


Day One:



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Mahalo for looking!
Boz Schurr

All work is copyright 2015 Boz Schurr. Please do not use without my permission. Mahalo!

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