Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Project Space Mural 2014 (Day Seven)

Aloha Friends!

The wall is really starting to show some history today! I love seeing the various layers of paint and different bits of the previous images show through day by day.

Today will most likely be the last full scene change. Tomorrow will be the beginning of the final image, which I am going to take a few days to compete and hopefully really refine. I'll also be finishing the small wall this week and will be posting updates as they happen. I will also be wrapping up the time lapse video just in time for the August 6th opening. Hope to see you there! Chee!

Day Seven:

Don't forget to check out my sketches and other works on Flickr! 

Mahalo for looking!
Boz Schurr

All work is copyright 2014  Boz Schurr. Please do not use without my permission. Mahalo!

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