Sunday, August 17, 2014

HFD Fire Prevention Week 2014 Mural

Aloha Friends!

I had to take a quick film editing break today work on the Honolulu Fire Department's 2nd annual Mural Painting Event! This year's Fire Prevention Week 2014 Theme: "Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives: Test Yours Every Month!" The murals will be on view at firehouses island wide during Fire Prevention Week, Oct. 5-11. I was lucky enough to once again work with my friend and fellow painter Jessica Orfe and also got to meet a new friend Michy Moody. What a lovely (and hot!) day it was today. It's always good to see the community come together to make something new and, in this case, educational! Bonus!

 Check out the photos below of the two panels we got to work on:

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Mahalo for looking!
Boz Schurr

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