Thursday, April 2, 2015

"On the Spectrum (Excoriation Disorder)"

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This is the fifth print in my series! I am so excited to have made it this far! If you red my last post you know that the On the Spectrum series is following the colors in the ROYGBIV visible light spectrum. The first prints used more red and this print is the first print that is using orange. The intention is to create a subtle color shift through out the print series (which can only be really seen when they are all lined up together). 

I really enjoy this print because the use of clear gloss ink invites the viewer to further interact with the print (see what I mean in the detail sots below). Thanks for looking! Feedback is always welcome! If you have a personal story with the illnesses and disorders I've chosen, please share, I would love to hear about your personal connections and your suggestions. Mahalo.


On the Spectrum is a 26 part print series, one for each letter of the alphabet, that explores interactions of mental illnesses, developmental disorders and perceived normalcy as abstract landscapes. Please read my artist Statement for more details.


Artist Statement: There is a strange disconnect between mental illness and normalcy – as if there is a stark dividing line between the two: Black and white, us and them, completely separate. I believe this arbitrary classification, ill, healthy, recovering... is very similar to how we catalog our colors: blue, red, green... The visible color spectrum reflects the human experience. An experience where colors cannot be contained as single, definable points. The spectrum is one band of ever shifting, transitioning hues, as are we – our lives and our experiences are continuous and overlapping, yet discreet.

We all exist in a world with other people. We interact daily with a wide range of personalities. It is not possible to limit your experience to “normal.” We are but one piece in the cosmos. No one exists in a vacuum. So instead of pushing past others whose mental or physical health might not reflect exactly our own, we must embrace.

We are made of many parts: our personalities, our bodies, and our world.


On The Spectrum (Excoriation Disorder)
Screen Print on Paper
15" x 11" 
$100 (unframed)



Excoriation disorder is defined as "repetitive and compulsive picking of skin which results in tissue damage."

Research has also suggested that excoriation disorder may be thought of as a type of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).[5] Excoriation disorder and OCD are similar in that they both involve "repetitive engagement in behaviors with diminished control" and also both generally decrease anxiety.

Dell'Osso B, Altamura AC, Allen A, Marazziti D, Hollander E (December 2006). "Epidemiologic and clinical updates on impulse control disorders: a critical review". Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci 256 (8): 464–75. doi:10.1007/s00406-006-0668-0. PMC 1705499. PMID 16960655

Odlaug BL, Grant JE (September 2010). "Pathologic skin picking". Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 36 (5): 296–303. doi:10.3109/00952991003747543. PMID 20575652


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