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Hands on Art! (Spring Kroc Center Art Class Wrap Up)

Aloha Friends,

I recently wrapped up my first ever "Hands on Art" class at the Salvation Army Kroc Center Hawaii in Kapolei and it was wonderful. If you haven't been to this facility yet I HIGHLY recommend it. Beautiful facilities, great people, etc etc. And the art studio is fabulous!

So to give a little background: I contacted the Kroc Center a few months ago with a few ideas for some art classes. They have an amazing facility and I am always looking to expand art programs and community involvement where ever I can. So I offered to teach a few young student classes and one teenage class (Alas the teenage class did not go through, but I teach teenagers everyday at IPA so I was very happy to get a chance to work with the little kids).

"Hands on Art" sign courtesy of my lovely studio assistant Ralph!

Even though my summer is going to be jam packed with art-making and traveling, there will be a few more classes upcoming in May/June and then we'll restart programming in the fall (most likely in late August)! Here is the course description for the Spring 2015 "Hands on Art"class (two sections, ages 5-8 and 9-12+) I am hoping to keep these classes going as long as possible to fully explore all kinds of art making! I will be mixing up the projects as much as I can so even if students wish to take the class again they won't be doing the same thing twice! Mahalo for looking and, as always, comments and suggestions are always welcome!


Hands on Art, Ages 5-8 (1 hour per class)

Art doesn't always have to be made with pen and paper! This art class explores all kinds of art making techniques and allows young students to experiment, play and grow confident in their creativity. Every ability level is welcome, all students need is a willingness to try new things. Every class creates a unique and unusual masterpiece! 

Hands on Art, Ages 9-12 (1 hour per class)

Expand your creativity with a hands on art class. This class gets young art students to think outside the box and try new avenues of art making! Risk taking and experimentation are the foundations of this class. Enjoy some traditional art with a twist! Every ability level is welcome! 


Here are some example photos from class projects:

Puppet Theater:

This was a great way to break the ice and get the kids talking. It took a few minutes to warm them up but they really loved the puppet making and the final video!

Collage Mask Making:

Valentine's Day Leis:

Clay Characters:

The Living, Growing Ocean (Getting Collage OFF the Page):

The big kids made a collage too!

Time-Lapse Mural Painting:

This project is probably the kids' absolute favorite! They kept asking for a turn and really got creative all on their own! I am so happy with how this turned out and hopefully we'll be able to do larger murals with longer time frames later in the fall. If you have a big kid you are thinking of getting enrolled check out my students at Island Pacific Academy for an example of what a teenage time lapse mural could look like!

Time-lapse video:

Here is the description for the time lapse mural painting class/club. If you are interested, feel free to send me an email, call the Kroc Center or leave me a comment anytime!

Mural (Time Lapse Painting), Ages 13-18 (2.5 hours per class)

This fun interactive mural allows students to watch their progress as they paint! With time lapse photography and video students will paint and repaint a large mural that they can watch change again and again. Students of all ability levels will enjoy learning to improvise, collaborate and create this fun time lapse painting. After class is over, the final video will be posted online for students, family and friends to enjoy!


Don't forget! The Kroc Center is having another art night in April! This event's theme is "Alive" and will feature some watercolors done during the "Hands on Art" classes. Also I'll be doing some more live painting! Please check out my youtube channel for the last art night's time lapse video! April 24th, 6pm-8pm, hope to see you there!


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Mahalo for looking!
Boz Schurr

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