Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hawaiian Days of the Week Print Series! (Now Available!)

Hawaiian Days of the Week Prints are finished! Whoohoo! It's so nice to have these around the house, they bring so much aloha to my walls. Each days of the week corresponds to a color of the rainbow (Roy.G Biv) Which adds a nice splash of color! The designs are had drawn, each print is hand pulled and crafted by yours truly! I have set up a shop if you wish to purchase a set for yourself. Right now they are unframed, but check back soon, framing will be available in a few weeks!

Check out the store here: http://sundaystingray.bigcartel.com/

Sunday - Red
Monday -Orange
Tuesday - Yellow
Wednesday - Green
Thursday - Blue
Friday - Indigo
Saturday - Violet

Mahalo for looking!

 All work is copyright 2014  Boz Schurr. Please do not use without my permission. Mahalo!

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