Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Exit, Winter

New Show Folks!

Sorry I am always so slow to announce things (now that the opening has come and gone) but you can still stop by and check out this show I am in. Exit, Winter is showing at Gallery 114 (1100 Northwest Glisan Street) in Portland Oregon. So if you are around please stop in a check it out.

<3 <3 <3 Boz

Exit, Winter January is the blanket we wrap around us in the midst of winter, when we mark time, reflect, and anticipate light/spring. With a nod to the coldest months, Gallery 114 invited artists to submit their contemporary interpretations of winter as we move toward longer days and sunshine.

Gallery 114 is pleased to announce its juried exhibit, Exit Winter, featuring 22 artists working in a variety of mediums.

Featured Artists Derrek E. Becker, Maya Britan, Tara L. Burkhardt, Myra Clark, Leslie Ebert, Mary Edwards, Mark Eifert, Dwight Evalt, James Harkins, Judith Heim, Julie Jetton, Mari Navarro, Michael O’Brien, Teri Payton, Richard Rosenfeld, Paul Rutz, Willa Schneberg, Boz Schurr, Barbi Touron. Liz Taylor, Kelly Williams, Rana Nicole Young

Exhibition Dates: January 5 - 28

Works include oil, acrylic, encaustic and watercolor paintings, photography, 3-D stereo pair photographs, drawing, sound compositions, installation, ceramic sculpture, fabric/mixed media, and fiber art sculpture.

These are the two pieces I have in the show:

"And Suddenly Everything Changes Again"

Pencil on Paper

22" x 15"

"Cloud of Smoke, Breath of Air"

Pencil on Paper
25" x 19" 2011

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